Thespa branding

The spa, an object that touches every day, a brand that plants that experience
New Brand Identity and Total Branding

March 2023 - ing

It's nice to have a new experience
A medium for finding good experiences from ordinary by newly defining familiar experiences that are essential but naturally established in our daily lives.

Myriad scenes of everyday life that are repeated like similar clothes, perfumes sprayed, and repeat marks every day.

Happy people who face the same face. Everyday scenes that naturally progress.

A small amount of time after work to remove the smell of a person, 

This short time, perhaps ordinary, happened to be a wonderful experience,

Now it has become my inevitable rest and small hobby and has settled down.

Memories of a hectic day become dull, and the skin touching the waves comes to me pleasantly.

An object that touches every day, a brand that plants that experience

An insightful change, an experience that brings about positive changes in daily life A sincere brand that permeates everyday life. Furthermore, brand productivity that is considered essential and is the average of experience. A familiar and comfortable brand element.

Small but small changes, an experience that marks a good start The importance of small pieces of daily life that are known through changes in products related to washing and rest among daily routines that are commonly used. The Spa brand approaches from minor changes in daily life to positive gifts.